Gone Swimming takes swim safety extremely seriously. We enjoy have fun with our guests, and enjoy the swims - but swim safety is our absolute number one priority. This document outlines some of the basics of our safety procedures.

Each swim will have been fully risk assessed prior to the trip arriving at the swim venue, and upon arrival a dynamic risk assessment will take place. If for any reason, the Gone Swimming staff team are not confident that a safe swim can take place, Gone Swimming Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the swim. Clearly, this is not something that we want to do, and where possible we will always try to provide an alternative swim, but sometimes it just isn't safe - and we aren't prepared to take that risk with you.

By participating in a Gone Swimming holiday, you acknowledge that open water swimming contains an intrinsic level of risk that is impossible to remove.

Weather Forecasting

Before each swim holiday, the weather forecast from the Met Office will be obtained.

The weather forecast will be updated at breakfast each morning.

Gone Swimming Ltd. reserves the right to change the location and duration of any swim at any time if the >safety of that swim is in doubt.

Emergency equipment

Before each swim, guests will be briefed on emergency signals and the emergency rendezvous point, and location of the emergency kit.

In a drybag at the swim location, the following will be kept:

  • 1x Marine Band VHF radio
  • 1x Mobile Phone
  • 1x Group Shelter
  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 1x Survival Bag
  • Any client medication

Pre-swim brief

Before each swim, guests will be briefed on;

  • the location of the swim
  • the entry and exit points
  • specific features of interest
  • specific hazards
  • emergency procedures - see reference card

Guests will make clear to the Gone Swimming team their intentions for the swim, and expected duration.

Safety cover for each individual swim will vary depending on the venue, the numbers of guests, and the prevailing water conditions. Gone Swimming reserve the right to cancel any swim for any safety reason.

Post-swim procedure

At the beginning of the holiday, guests will be instructed in efficient post-swim procedures. This consists of laying out and organising easy-to-put-on clothing (no zips, no buttons, no buckles) in the following bottom-to-top order:

  • Footwear
  • Bottom half clothing
  • Top half clothing
  • Hat
  • Towel